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Innovative Recruitment Solutions

There is no lack of imagination in our methods of attracting ‘great’ candidates. Rather than just stick an advert in the same paper that you might have done and pass you all the CVs we get in, you will find that The Recruitment Hub adds expertise by steering you to the people you are looking for. We do this by employing a mix of traditional trusted methods alongside new and emerging techniques of candidate sourcing.

We are challenged every day by customers with complicated requirements, technical products, niche markets and short timescales. And we love it!


Whatever the skill level, location or sector, each of our consultants is a professionally trained specialist. Whether you need a managing director, niche marketer, or project engineer, you will find that The Recruitment Hub will work in true partnership with you to ensure the best quality of candidates are made available to your recruiting managers and therefore allow you to meet your business priorities.


We work hard at earning respect and trust through behaviour that is honest, decent and fair, by following through on our commitments and by always delivering as promised.


Some people come to us with defined requirements or clear objectives. Others are not entirely sure what they are looking for or how we could help them. The guarantee for all is that you'll find real people, with genuine experience and expertise and a willingness to help.


You will find that our solutions are not only innovative, but are also highly effective in reducing time and cost per hire. We want our clients to view choosing The Recruitment Hub as one of the best business decision they ever made.