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There is little doubt about the scale or complexity of the challenges we’re to face in the coming decades: accelerating climate change and spiralling energy consumption; mass urban migration and ever growing transport demand; rampant environmental degradation and many more mouths to feed. With growing specialist experience in this field and a genuine interest in helping to meet the challenges ahead, we have supported many types of professionals in their search for the best opportunities in the ‘green’ & sustainability sectors.

The Recruitment Hub exists to provide inspiring career opportunities enabling you to secure greater heights of achievement through sharing knowledge, bringing the right people together and providing practical advice.

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Green jobs could grow 44pc

Low carbon technologies will create jobs and lower carbon dioxide emissions but the Government must act faster if the UK is to reap the economic benefits it deserves, according to Parliament's Energy and Climate Change Committee.

To date, there has been disappointingly slow progress with the move towards a green economy, it said. In 2007-8, there were 881,000 so-called "green jobs" in the UK's low carbon and environmental goods and services sector. This could potentially grow by 44% to more than 1.27 million jobs by 2015.

Launching the report, Paddy Tipping MP, Acting Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, said: "Investment in low carbon technologies must be seen as key to a sustainable economic recovery over the long term. The Government should increase the proportion of public money spent on the development and uptake of low carbon technologies because they have a vital role to play in the move towards a green economy.

"In particular, these technologies have the potential to reduce the carbon intensity of processes at every stage of the energy supply chain, resulting in lower emissions, many new jobs and sustainable growth for the UK economy."

Having reviewed low carbon technologies across the energy supply chain - from low carbon energy generation, through storage and transmission, to end user efficiency - the Committee concludes that while the development of many such technologies will require significant support from both the public and private sector, they have the potential to create jobs.

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