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This is a very personal approach to recruitment and involves comprehensive research of a particular business sector.  This method of recruitment has proved to be successful in:


  • identifying senior Executives who are unlikely to respond to an advertisement
  • ensuring extreme confidentiality during the recruitment assignment
  • resolving vacancies when only a small number of potentially suitable candidates exist in the particular sector.
  • A combination of search and selection methods can also be used where a good number of potentially suitable people are thought to exist for the vacancy but also when in addition to the advertisement you request that we make a number of discreet enquiries into target companies of your choice.

In what appears to be a continually evolving marketplace where rationalisation or consolidation is high on the agenda for many leading companies and a threat for many small to medium companies, our priority is to create a more cost effective, flexible and responsive hiring process to meet the changing workforce needs of your organisation and offer greater support, council and transparency throughout the recruitment process.

We aim to consistently deliver people that really make a difference – not just fill a position. Our consultants are trained and extremely experienced in building accurate job specifications which can the key to finding right candidates.

Our process involves:

Initial Briefing meeting

Time spent with your hiring managers and present incumbents to gain a clear understanding of what the job involves and the human attributes needed for superior performance is crucial

  • Analysis of organisational structure
  • Definition of need
  • Job analysis
  • Identification of functional and behavioural competencies where they set out ‘how’ the job is to be done as opposed to ‘what’ has to be done.
  • Job design and writing job description.
  • Analysis of ideal candidate with a thorough understanding of not just of what an Employee will be expected to do, but how they are expected to do it.

- the more information you can provide about your requirements the better.

The tools we have available to assist our clients in defining their recruitment requirements include Saville Consulting job profiler and various 360 tools.


Our knowledge of the recruitment marketplace together with our industry sector knowledge and extensive network of contacts is crucial in reducing the time it can take time to find a suitable candidate. To find the perfect candidate in the shortest possible time also requires tight analytical targeting and effective sourcing through knowledge and expertise.

Approaching prospective candidates

We are ever mindful of the fact that the prospect of a new, higher paid job can unsettle people who had previously given no thought to moving on. It is therefore a situation we handle with the appropriate degree of delicacy.

Our initial approach to a prospective candidate is conducted with integrity in an honest, overt and professional manner where anonymity is possible until the final stage.

Gaining candidate commitment

This is imperative and is achieved by face to face meetings, good questioning and probing techniques and keeping the candidate informed.


Our proven interview techniques, specifically designed assessment centres and  range of pre interview and pre selection testing from basic aptitude and ability testing through to in depth candidate testing build stronger predictions of success.


References are obtained prior to selection and appointment of candidates as part of the quality cycle.  Formal registration of all candidates includes right to work and identification checks

Presenting CVs of the recommended shortlist of candidates

Generally CVs are presented electronically to Clients in their original format. This gives more personal insight into a candidates’ application, however we also understand the need for standard formats for comparison and matching purposes and have the resource to present CVs in a standard format if required. Alternatively, we would be pleased to provide a standard CV summary sheet in addition to the candidates personal CV.

Arranging for short listed candidates to attend interviews

Consultant to attend interviews if required. All short listed candidates receive a full face to face brief prior to their interview to include business, job content, values, culture, recruitment process, packages etc.

Arranging for preferred candidate to undergo a full Psychological assessment

Our Ashridge accredited consultants are qualified to conduct Saville aptitude tests and professionally interpret the results, including the newly launched Saville Consulting Wave questionnaires which link people and workplace culture based on substantive validation.

Managing the offer

Advising on the salary of the finally selected candidate and managing the resignation process.


Feedback to unsuccessful candidates is delivered in a constructive way, enabling candidates to positively benefit from the recruitment experience and fully understand areas for development.


1. We regard as confidential all information concerning the business affairs of our Clients and other people with whom we deal in the course of our professional activities.
2. We will accept only those assignments which we feel competent to handle.
3. We will agree at the commencement of each assignment with our Clients the assignment brief, fee structure and invoicing arrangements.
4. we will not initiate discussions with any employee of a current client, on his employment by another company
5. We will not initiate contact with a Candidate regarding alternative employment once they have accepted a position with one of our Clients via our introduction and for which a placement fee has been received.

For any further information, an initial informal conversation to discuss your specific needs and requirements, or to arrange a free consultation, please call Sam Cunningham on 01234 241108 or email in confidence This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it