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Equal Pay Code of Practice

The draft Code of Practice on Equal Pay, which the Employment and Pensions Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse worked with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to produce, has now been approved by the Secretary of State and has been laid before Parliament.  August 2010 by Louise Fernandes-Owen at Field Fisher Waterhouse

Skilled Candidate Crunch Forecast

London has been left with a balance issue as job growth leads to skilled candidate shortage. It has been predicted that by Q4 this year there will only be 10 skilled candidates for every 12 financial and professional service vacancies. This contrasts with the depths of the recession when there were 10 skilled candidates for every three vacancies. However, growth within interest rates, structured rates and structured credit has increased demand for skills and experience in these areas. These figures are according to research from Ambition the global financial and professional services recruitment firm.  Recruitment Consultant July 2010

Standard Fall

Workers are still feeling the worst of the recession according to the CIPD’s latest Employee Outlook Survey.  The public sector is feeling the effects most keenly according to the report.  It suggests ‘worsening standards of living, falling job satisfaction and high levels of job insecurity’ despite today’s GDP figures showing a further climb out of the downturn.  See CIPD website for full report. Recruitment Consultant July 2010

Public Sector Losses Bring Market Down


Employer demand for UK workers slipped back one per cent last month compared to May and June according to the latest Reed job index. Recruitment Consultant July 2010


Government proposes to scrap DRA

The government is planning to abolish the Default Retirement Age (DRA) in the UK from April 2011, as part of plans to encourage people to work longer.  Executive Grapevine Tuesday 10th August 2010


Generation X - The Prince Charles generation?

"After 15 years of benevolent trading conditions, the recession may be with us for a while and certainly looks set to have far reaching implications. How will these economic changes impact on organisations’ resourcing and in particular the need to accommodate "Generation X" ?" Hoggett Bowers Monday 9th August 2010


Half of All Workers Being Poached

High Performers Increasingly Targeted

While uncertainty in the job market continues to persist, 52% of employees report they were approached by another employer with a possible job offer within the past 12 months, according to a new study we conducted online involving over 3000 participants*. Right Management Tuesday 10th August 2010


Fear of age discrimination

Interestingly, the fear of age discrimination fuels growing doubts about job security and employability.

Recruitment Consultant   Friday August 06, 2010


Public sector job fears rise, while private sector concerns fall

Job losses among public sector workers rose in the second quarter of 2010, but is still some way behind the private sector. Friday August 06, 2010


Contentment rises the more we work

The workmonitor survey surprisingly revealed, the longer we toil, the better we feel. Of the people surveyed who work more than 40 hours per week, 65% are satisfied. Satisfaction dips the fewer hours that are worked – of the people who work 25-32 hours, 55% are satisfied.


Recruitment Consultant   Friday August 06, 2010



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