Manor Farm may not be Amityville Horror, but female voices have been heard singing and calling to visitors and guests as they walk up the tired old staircase, other guests have had the sensation of being pushed from behind. In a room on the first floor visitors have reported being touched by an unexplained presence and in the smallest room in the house on the third floor, there is an uneasy and sinister feeling of not being welcome!

Other reports of paranormal activity include unexplained footsteps running along the worn oak floorboards, severe temperature changes, whispers, rapping’s, light anomalies, strong heavily perfumed scents and being touched by unseen entities.

The info on the White Canons (priests, not monks) living in Lavendon Abbey c1155 who wore their white tunics above their knees may be relevant to the apparitions that some have seen both inside and outside Manor Farm – but who knows? At the end of the fifteenth century canons were found to be staying in bed when they should have been up for Matins, and many spent their days gambling and playing tennis Two canons were convicted of wenching in 1491 – not very appropriate for a religious order but probably more fun than preaching and the exercising of regular pastoral ministry.