Daisy and Cardigan

We are not dumb animals. Actually we are pretty smart and are very capable of thinking for ourselves. We keep the resident hens and ducks in line and we are accomplished escape artists. We never miss an opportunity to wander off down the high street for a stroll or take advantage of an open door to the house.


We have only fallen in the koi pond once – ok so we both did it on separate occasions but we both managed to tread water while the other one raised the alarm by racing up and down from the pond to the back door exercising extremely powerful vocal chords BAAAAAH to attract attention and get help. Fortunately, both times we weren’t in the water for long before being rescued and pulled to safety.


We enjoy munching, playing football, head butting each other, munching, running and jumping with people, being groomed and munching We love visitors, especially children and love nothing better than a big hug and being tickled behind the ears. Shearing time is fast approaching – this will be an interesting challenge that we and the hubsters have never experienced before….