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Finding it difficult to attract quality candidates with conventional methods?

Using a Search Consultancy could provide a more proactive candidate selection process and a higher level solution to recruitment. The right approach to Search brings exceptional long-term results.

You will find that our approach is up front and honest and makes sense if you realise that most of the best people may be working, more than likely they are being looked after by their present employer. Relying on advertisement response alone may not be good enough.

It takes time to find a suitable candidate. The research can be time consuming, so contacts are vital. We have built up an extensive network with an impressive list of top performers over the years. To find the perfect candidate in the shortest possible time also requires tight analytical targeting and effective sourcing through knowledge and expertise.

Approaching candidates that are not already registered with recruitment agencies normally means that they are likely to be highly motivated to move and not just ‘browsing’ if they are prepared to meet us to discuss the role.

Gaining candidate commitment is imperative and achieved by face to face meetings, good questioning and probing techniques and keeping the candidate informed. We have gone as far as to interview the candidates partner and also taken into account their significant others, for example children or older dependant parents.

There is still a good deal of mistrust on the part of companies when it comes to considering whether to use a Search Consultancy in the recruitment process with stories still emerging of people using dubious means to obtain information on prospective candidates or target companies and then throwing the lives of unsuspecting candidates into disarray only to leave them high and dry.

We, on the other hand, are ever mindful of the fact that the prospect of a new, higher paid job can unsettle people who had previously given no thought to moving on. It is therefore a situation to be handled with the appropriate degree of delicacy.

Our initial approach to a prospective candidate is conducted with integrity in an honest, overt and professional manner where anonymity is possible until the final stage.

The issue of ethics revolves around our appreciation of the process’ significance to both companies and candidates. For the company, the appointment of, say, a new chief Executive is crucial to its future success or failure. To the prospective incumbent, it is one of the most important decisions he or she will ever be faced with.

For any further information, an initial informal conversation to discuss your specific needs and requirements, or to arrange a free consultation, please call Sam Cunningham on 01234 241108 or email in confidence This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it