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Championing a culture of customer care...

Access to the best talent

The best recruiters are those who cultivate relationships and manage extensive networks of people.

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The Recruitment Hub adds expertise by steering you to the people you are looking for. Producing enough suitable candidates without excess and ensuring the identification of the best fitted for the job and the organisation. With a background of over 20 years' combined specialist recruitment experience, we have developed an exceptionally rich "talent pool" of relevant job seekers AND those all important passive job browsers built up from on-going in-house research conducted at our own initiative as well as that accumulated from past assignments.

Controlled and minimised costs

Successful recruitment should be cost effective, efficient, integrated and intelligent. Worst case scenario, it should reduce your cost of candidate acquisition.


Committed to delivering maximum return on investment, The Recruitment Hub is driven to deliver real and tangible value back to the whole of your business. We are committed to minimising costs and providing the most cost effective solutions to reduce time and cost per hire.

A selection process that builds stronger predictions of success

Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the success of any organisation and its ability to retain a workforce of the highest quality.

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We aim to consistently deliver people that really make a difference – not just fill a position. As well as skills and knowledge, we also require candidates to demonstrate strong learning agility, a high level of drive, flexibility and adaptability with the potential to grow within and alongside the business.


Flexibility to accommodate business change

With increasing speed of change in the business environment, organisations need to adapt their recruitment and retention policies to allow them to compete more effectively for superior staff. Skill shortages may occur unexpectedly and recruitment and selection processes need to be kept flexible


Since your needs are always changing - as your business evolves or you have to adjust to new business conditions, you will find The Recruitment Hub flexible enough to respond instantly and accommodate business change whilst delivering improved service levels that require minimum input from you - although you retain ultimate control.


With an innovative recruitment plan your company can build top-of-mind awareness and enjoy a steady stream of quality candidates as they move smoothly along a path of increasing knowledge and interest. This perspective will generally cost less and produce better results than relying on reactive means alone.


We aim to pursue innovation and improvement in all that we do by constantly searching for fresh ideas AND by embracing new technologies, sourcing practices and interview techniques – but without losing our focus on the processes and procedures that we know will deliver exceptional value and measurable business benefits to our customers.

Partnership Approach

An effective recruitment process should create top-of-mind awareness, build brand awareness and deliver qualified candidates to your organisation whilst reducing the cost and time per hire and also contributing positively to the bottom line. Getting the process right is about partnership, knowing what works, what to use, and when and how to use it


Our approach is customer driven. We look at business issues from your perspective and customise our solutions to fit your requirements. You will find the that we will work collaboratively to develop new ideas together, share market information, best practice techniques and new industry methods to ensure we attract ‘great’ candidates.


So whether you come to us with defined requirements or clear objectives, or are not entirely sure what you are looking for or how we could help you - the guarantee for all is that you'll find real people, with genuine experience and expertise and a willingness to help


We want our clients to view choosing The Recruitment Hub as one of the best business decision they ever made.