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We're The Recruitment Hub, we do recruitment – We’re a full-service recruitment agency in Buckinghamshire with happy and successful clients all across the UK.

Essentially, we believe recruitment is not a complex task, but let’s just say there are those of us who make a good job of it, and those who appear not to have grasped the idea fully.

We believe we are an exceptional team that works hard to do things the right way, have fun doing it, and make it painless for you.


Wherever you are in your career,  just embarking your sales career or you are a seasoned senior sales manager or director, we share a commitment to finding roles that uphold the standards of professionalism and integrity that are all hallmarks of sales success. With a wide range of verticals and salary options we can find the job thats right for you.


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We can help you get the most out of marketing wherever you are in your career. Our marketing opportunities cover most disciplines and offer competitive salaries, the chance to work in industries that interest you and a culture of being judged by your results.


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Almost every aspect of the UK economy is underpinned by engineering and technology. We have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, along with a vision for the future and our engineering, computing and technology information opportunities apply technology and imagination to shape the world around us.


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We offer a wide variety of commercial opportunities for those wishing to enhance their profession or pursue a career in business and management. We aim to realise your expectations and understand your needs by helping you to connect with both the people and resources necessary to further your career.


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There is little doubt about the scale or complexity of the challenges we’re to face in the coming decades: accelerating climate change and spiralling energy consumption; mass urban migration and ever growing transport demand; rampant environmental degradation and many more mouths to feed. With growing specialist experience in this field and a genuine interest in helping to meet the challenges ahead, we have supported many types of professionals in their search for the best opportunities in the ‘green’ & sustainability sectors.


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Skilled managers and leaders hold the key to creating productive workforces that deliver organisational and economic success. Our management and leadership opportunities demand strong learning agility, a high level of drive and ambition and strong focus on developing workplace performance, on areas ranging from business development, engineering, HR, logistics, manufacturing, procurement and supply chain environments among others.


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The role of the recruitment consultant demands a high degree of responsibility. It’s tremendously fast-paced, challenging and financially rewarding. You’ll be expected to work hard but not without reward and recognition. Our recruitment opportunities provide training and development at a professional and a personal level and a structured career path for those who choose to engage the enthusiasm and application to follow it.


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